The On-Chain + Off Chain Equation

It’s not PEMDAS. We aren’t Pythagoras. We haven’t ever solved an advanced abstract math equation on a chalkboard at MIT while performing our janitorial duties. But, we do have a simple equation:

No, not that one. This one:

On-Chain Interest + Off-Chain Interest = Better Blockchain

It checks off. I promise. No, let’s get into the math of it all.

On-Chain Interest

It’s turning into quite a crypto world. Tokens making people millionaires. NFTs taking over the internet. People who hate NFTs following close behind. Celebrities being called out for their support of Crypto. One thing we can probably all agree on: People who dig crypto [get it, like mining. but also liking — dad joke style pun] will be supporters and evangelists for crypto.

I’ve seen this as we build Nimble. The community of crypto fans within the Algorand ecosystem are incredibly supportive. It is a community unlike any other I’ve experienced. The Crypovengalists [did I coin that?] see the future of decentralization. When a legit and fully vet new project comes up, they get behind it. They help support it. They ride through the ups and downs of TestNet to Beta to Launch. And, to the shagrin of many a family member and/or friend, I’m guessing they talk about it at cocktail parties, cookouts, birthday parties, bowling tournaments….any time they can.

We can safely assume that On-Chain Interest is helping to further Blockchain projects. And, from where I sit these Blockchain Projects are doing well for the most part. So, On-Chain Interest = Good Blockchain.

Off-Chain Interest

Let’s switch roles here for a second. Now, I’m not the guy at the party touting the virtues, amazing tech, and potential of Blockchain — but instead the cornered party trying to make sense of Tokenomics, ZKP, Staking, PoS v PoW.

sidenote: i spent 22 years in the insurance industry. we have so many acronyms, so much jargon, an abundance of lingo. enter the crypto-sphere. more acronyms, more jargon, more lingo, and quite a few lovely made up words.

What is going to convince me to cut through all that fog and join the On-Chain Revolution.

Is it the 24 word passphrase I need to store [no, not on your phone] and remember? Nah. Probably not.

Is it the Wallet I need to set up to accept/transfer funds? Nah. Not that.

Is it the other Wallet I need to set up to accept/transfer different funds? Nope.

As builders [buidl-ers?], it lands squarely on our lap[top]s to address this. Otherwise we will continue the equation On-Chain Interest = Good Blockchain.

Step for Putting the Equation Together

[in old school computer class code, BASIC]
10 INPUT: “How can we make blockchain better?, U$
20 PRINT: “Great idea”;
30 INPUT: “So you want us to give you UTILITY on chain?, A$
40 IF A$ = “Y” OR A$ = “y” THEN GOTO 50

OK, the point is — we can’t just focus only on those of us who are into Blockchain|Crypto. There has to be real reason for people to come on-chain. And, there has to be a rewarding way of doing so.

For Nimble, that’s giving someone the opportunity to get a certified appraisal of their property. In our case, a guitar or other music equipment. That appraisal is minted as an NFT and can be shared, used to purchase insurance, used as collateral for a defi loan.

This creates a process that feels familiar. Most of us are familiar with the appraisal/valuation process and we understand the value of an appraisal. In many ways, having it done digitally is just like getting a PDF version of the appraisal. Except, a super-duper, high-powered, value generating, easy, efficient, and transferrable PDF.

Hopefully this little nod to “utility” is enough to bring some skeptics on-chain and to help some who feel challenged by the process to give it a shot.

After all — when that happens it is better for all of us and Blockchain|Web3|Crypto|Decentralization can deliver on the promise of a more equitable, democratized, and efficient process.

Please, feel free to check my math. I definitely was the kid who just rushed through math and forgot to notice the “-” in front of the number. But, I’m pretty sure I got it right:

On-Chain Interest + Off-Chain Interest = Better Blockchain

Feb 10, 2022